The Importance Of Early Scan And Healthcare Services For Your Baby

Babies can face different types of health and other issues. They need special healthcare services. The requirements for some of these services start even before you can become pregnant. Both parents must undergo different types of medical checkups to ensure they will have a healthy baby. NHS is always there to help solve your baby-related healthcare issues. You can also visit private clinics and use the services of private healthcare service providers. Services not provided by NHS can be obtained from these service providers. An early pregnancy scan will provide you and your doctor some important information about the condition of your unborn baby.

Different Types of Early Scan Services

These services are necessary to ensure giving birth to a healthy baby safely and with minimum complications. First of all, you will need an ultrasound scan to confirm the pregnancy. A pregnancy can be detected with this method five days after your missed period. During 6-11 weeks, the heartbeats of the baby can be confirmed. A screening to perform Down's syndrome check is performed at 12-14 weeks. Nuchal Translucency scan is used for this purpose. It requires measuring the skin fold or Nuchal fold of the neck. A blood test may also be needed for this checkup. The doctor here will take into account the mother's age. All these factors will be assessed to estimate the risk of Down's syndrome.

The Scanning Process

A specialist sonographer will carry out the necessary scan. The image is seen on a monitor. An ultrasound gel is first applied on the tummy. It ensures a good contact between the skin and the probe. The image of the baby appears on the monitor. The sonographer examines the baby's body carefully. This scanning process can take about 20-30 minutes. It can be difficult to get proper images of the baby if it is moving a lot or lying in a difficult to see position. The scanning process can take longer or require another scanning session if a good image cannot be obtained in the first session.

The Risk of Harm to the Baby during the Scanning Process

No known risks exist for the mother or the baby from an ultrasound scan. Still, you should carefully consider if you want to undergo this scan. Any detection result that requires some medical treatment or solution will have its own risks. Further tests may be necessary if something abnormal is detected during the scanning process. The result can be seen immediately on the ultrasound screen so there is no waiting for it.

Choosing a Doctor for Baby's Health Care Requirements

Babies need regular checkups and timely vaccines. Some of these measures are necessary to ensure the baby does not become sick. It eliminates any risk of lifelong illness or physical abnormality. Contact your family physician or paediatrician when necessary. Nurses with special baby training may be needed in some instances. The services of paediatric nurses can be helpful.

After the baby is born, you will face many challenges. Educate yourself about the requirements of babies. Follow the right health and safety practices to ensure the good health of your baby.